How I Lose Weight with Juicing

For those looking for a quick, healthy, efficient way to lose weight, juicing could be the best option. Even though this weight loss option can be very uncomfortable at first, you will start to see changes in as little as two days. For those who are new to juicing, two of the most important things about this weight loss option are to get a high-quality juicer and to stay away from fruits and fruit juices. While apples are all right to eat, it is a good idea to try to drink and eat mostly vegetables and vegetables juice. If you find yourself getting hungry throughout the day, eating an apple for a snack is a good idea, and a healthy solution.


Here are the best recommendations for healthy, delicious juices during your juicing journey:


Organic juices are best. The top choices are cucumbers, celery, lettuces, limes, lemons, parsley, grapefruit, spinach, kale, radish, cabbage, peppers, and zucchini.


Typically, drinking about two liters, or a little less, of these juices each day will make juicing an effective weight loss tool. Using ginger or turmeric root to help spice up the juices can make the distinctive flavors of some of the vegetables much easier to endure in the beginning of the juicing diet. By using these healthy spices, you can also help to achieve some variety in the juice flavors.


Here are seven tips to help you succeed on a juicing diet:


  1. Drink juices throughout the day, followed by a healthy meal in the evening. Generally, eating after 7:00 PM is not a good idea. If you are hungry after this time, eating an apple or drinking a glass of juice can satisfy your hunger.

  1. Drinking one glass of juice before breakfast and another before dinner can have a huge impact on weight loss potential. One study found that those who drank these two glass of juice lost four times more weight than those who did not.


  1. It is imperative that you do not overeat. If you eat until you feel mostly full, then you will start to feel full within a few minutes of stopping your meal. This can make a huge difference in weight loss.

  1. Eat as many raw foods as possible. Eating salads, nuts, and quinoa can help to provide good variety and flavor in a juicing diet.


  1. Find out how much you weigh in pounds, and drink half of that amount in ounces of water each day. Drinking water helps to flush nasty toxins from your body, facilitating weight loss.


  1. After weighing yourself on the first day of the juicing diet, do not weigh yourself again for ten days. Weight loss can take a few days to be reflected on the scale’s reading, so weighing yourself too soon can prove to be a disappointment.

7. Regardless of when you do it, walking everyday is absolutely key to succeeding in a juicing diet. A 30 minute walk each day is vital, and even this short walk will make a huge difference in the weight loss juicing diet. Even if you do not work out intensely, just a simple walk everyday will be enough exercise to help jumpstart your weight loss.


Don’t forget to choose a high quality juicer, too for juicing success!