My Reviews of the Best Juicers

When you’re going on a fast, you have to be prepared to feel a bit hungry and weak while your body gets used to having less calories as a general intake, as well as lower protein levels and things like that. But I’m super careful to make sure that I’m not just starving myself, and I’m actually processing through the cleanse by eliminating toxins and making sure that I’m feeding my body pure nutrition.

That’s why I think juice cleanses are the way to go. They’re a way to get every single nutrient you need into one glass, without getting sick of having so many salads in a day. Plus, if you know anything about cleanses or nutrition, you’ll know that there are two main ways to keep things moving out of your body to get rid of toxins. One is to have lots of fiber which takes all the bad things out of your digestive tract. The other is to have a lot of water, which cleans out things like the kidneys and liver, and keeps all your glands passing out toxins that way.

Juice cleanses basically hit both of those methods at once. You’re getting lots of water, because your meals are liquids, right? And if you’re making good homemade juice, you’ll also be drinking plenty of fiber which cleans out the other end. They’re a great way to go for a detox.

The big thing you have to watch out for is that since juice is all you’re consuming, you have to make sure it has literally every different group of nutrients and vitamins. The way I cover all my bases is to go for a different color at every meal, like green juice for breakfast, an orange carrot and ginger sort of juice for lunch, and maybe a purple one with apples and berries for dinner. I find that grouping things by color works best for me, but you can obviously do whatever works best for you.

Ok. So now that you know what you’re doing, you need to make sure you have a good juicer. The best juicers on the market will give you a high yield out of your produce and preserve all the nutrients, which is the whole point of the juice cleanse. But saying that, I’ve definitely seen a lot of juicers which crank out watery juice that definitely isn’t using the peel or squeezing the pulp out at all.

Here’s my quick and fast guide to the good ones:

First you basically have to choose between the different types, which are fast or slow juicers. Fast juicers are super convenient because you can literally just throw in whole fruits and vegetables. They’re easy, efficient and you can do most things in them (aside from greens, which don’t really do much). The problem with fast juicers is they don’t give you as much juice as a slow juicer, because they don’t mash things up as much. Just as a disclaimer, I actually have both types, because I find that I use them each fairly often. I go for the fast one when I’m in a hurry and I use the slow one when I’ve got some more time for prep, or when I need to make a green juice, because they don’t really work in slow juicers. If you’re going the fast route I recommend Breville Fountains, which is what I have. You can see why they’re so great at

If you want to get maximum nutrition and juice output, you should probably buy a slow juicer. They actually gnaw into produce, which makes all the fiber break down and be more digestible. They’re the only juicers you can use for greens. The squeezing also gets you more juice from your produce, so you end up saving money. I love my slow juicer, but the downside is that they take a long time to use after you add up the time you spend slicing the produce into strips and feeding the strips through slowly. Again, I use my slow one for any juice that’s gonna have leafy greens in it, and whenever I have more time to spend making juice in general. My slow juicer is a Champion, and I totally swear by it. It’s a beast, with a huge motor and the parts are all nylon so they can’t crack. Seriously, this feels like one of those waffle makers from the 50s that you could use as a bomb shelter.

Alright, that’s pretty much it for the juicer guide, let me know if you have any questions I haven’t answered, or if you’ve had good experiences with other juicers. Thanks for reading, luvvies!